Road restraint systems

European Standard EN 1317


Guardrails are typically used to safely contain and redirect errant vehicles from nearby hazards. Steel safety barriers designed for use on roads and motorways in Europe are made according to the EN 1317 standard and meet all energy absorption requirements. All our products are hot-dip zinc coated and are corrosion resistant.

Guardrail classification:
  • Containment level (N;H)
  • Class of working width (W)
  • Impact severity – Acceleration Severity Index ASI (A;B;C)

Bridge parapets

Road restraint system for bridges and other structures

Gate systems

Gate system presents a cost-effective solution to the problem of providing openings in median barrier. Road authorities need this capability for emergency vehicle access and evacuation, traffic re-routing, and work zone and maintenance applications. Gate system allows impact absorption with reduced dynamic deflection and redirection of small and heavy vehicles at a small angle. Its special feature consists in the fact that it can be opened fully or in part as required.

  • open/close in less than 10 min
  • class H2

Crash cushions

Redirective modular crash cushion placed in front of fixed obstacles (such as the ends of rigid concrete barriers, steel barrier, bridge piers) to protect vehicle occupants from head-on, angled and side impacts. Crash cushions are suitable for almost all road types and can be installed also on longitudinal cross slopes.

The controlled energy absorption and dissipation mechanism is the effect of project results of crash cushions.

  • Tested on the impact of vehicles at speed up to 50, 80, 100 i 110 km/h
  • Available in lengths and capacities for both low and high speed applications
  • Many anchoring options available for concrete, asphalt, bridges, etc.

Terminals – tested start/end elements of guardrail

By using standard guardrail parts and superior engineering, this end terminal offers exceptional vehicle control and energy absorbing capabilities in head on impacts and side impacts, without involving the barrier at its back.

Fatalaties can be reduced by 78% and injuries by up to 68%, with the introduction of thiese devices.

  • P4 i P2 criteria

Motorcyclists protection

  • protect motorcyclists from the lateral impact against the road barriers.
  • suitable for all kind of guardrail
  • tested according UNE 135900-1


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