Traffic management

Traffic management refers to the act of directing vehicles and pedestrians around some form of disruption, no matter it is a construction site, accident, community event, road surfacing, traffic congestion – or anything else that could cause danger or disruption to a vehicle or pedestrian. By successfully managing traffic in a safe and efficient way, the chances of vehicles crashing into each other can be significantly decreased, as well as various other safety benefits.

Truck mounted attenuator (TMA)

The main purpose of our truck mounted attenuator is to save lives in your work zone and to protect the occupants of an impacting vehicle.

TMA absorbs the energy released by a high (or low) speed impact. When struck from behind, TMA will bring the impacting vehicle to a standstill in a controlled manner.

TMA types:
  • Julietta Basic
  • Julietta Max
  • Julietta Large
  • Jumini (50 km/h)
General specifications:
  • Tested at the highest level (TL-3)
  • Passed all mandatory requirements according the NCHRP Report 350 guidelines
  • Tested on US specific pickup trucks and EU uni-body vehicles (including 3-52 and 3-53 tests)

Mobile crash barriers

Certified according EN1317

Temporary road marking tapes

Temporary marking tapes ensure that drivers are able to navigate roadwork sites on motorways and other main roads safely both during the day and at night.

The excellent reflectivity of these tapes reduces the risk of accidents in the dark and in wet conditions because of a significant improvement in visibility, therefore helping to increase the safety of all road users considerably.

Yellow marking tapes have the advantage that thay can be applied quickly, they fully satisfy all the regulations concerning traffic-related qualities, and they can be removed quickly and easily without damaging the road’s surface once the roadworks have been completed.

Mobile information technology

Congestion warning systems

Congestion warning systems inform road users about occurring dangers and disturbances in road traffic. State-of-the-art sensor and LED technology detects traffic flows at an early stage and controls them dynamically. With the development of LED congestion warning systems, set clearly recognizable signs for safe traffic routing. Powerful LEDs show the way – by day and by night. Modern LED technology regulates individual traffic situations and supplements or replaces classic traffic signs.

LED signage systems

Dynamic or non-dynamic traffic guidance with the help of LED panels – also as a replacement for stationary signage.
Available in various sizes.
Programming and monitoring via the web portal.

Traffic data measurement and control of traffic flows
The monitoring and control of traffic ensures:
  • Fewer accidents
  • Less downtime
  • Less pollution


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