Friction improvement

Reduced coefficient of friction between the wheels and the pavement surface causes a large number of traffic accidents. The magnitude of the coefficient of friction is mostly influenced by the wearing layer of the pavement structure.

The improvement of friction is accomplished through the selective removal of the friction-reducing separating layers of binder (in the case of asphalt it is bitumen) and the processing of the polished grain.

The combination of 2.500 bar maximum pressure water jets, hydraulic-driven nozzles with variable rotational speed, a carrier vehicle with a hydrostatically driven slow-moving drive, integrated vacuum absorption and nozzles fitted to the current surface allow a structurally protective and reproducible spray pattern.

Safety view:
  • Increase coefficient of friction on road surfaces
  • Better and faster drainage on pavement
  • Decrease risk of aquaplaning and icing
Ecology view:
  • vhigh pressure technology of pavement treatment by metal balls within a closed system
  • Recycling of waste material which is used in the production of new asphalt
  • working environment without dust
Economy view:
  • Longer lifetime of concrete or asphalt pavement
  • Long term financial savings in maintenance


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