Road Marking

„Road Markings under dry conditions should never drop below 150 mcd/lx/ m2 and never below 35 mcd/lx/m2 (RW2) under wet and rainy conditions“ - Recommendations for technical performance of road markings by European Road Federation


  • multi-dot system– – profiled marking ensures that rainwater will easily drain away from the line, as a result, the lines are able to maintain high reflective values in wet conditions and at night and provides a vibro sound effect enough to warn the driver to cross the line
  • barrette system – Rib line application method is used for applying profiled markings formed by a combination of ribs over line, provides a vibro sound warning, characteristic for performance in tunnels and edge lines
  • chess line – profiled line provides a vibro-sound effect to warn the driver to cross the line, also allows rainwater that falls on the road to easily drain off the pavement. This system of performance increases the visibility of the markings, which directly affects traffic safety.
  • flat line  – performance in populated areas where the sound effect of the line is not allowed


Sprayed applied markings are ideally suited for overlaying partially worn extrusion lines. Spray thermoplastic provides a low cost alternative to extrusion where an improvement is required in terms of the performance characteristics of a line, without an excessive increase in the thickness of the line. More durable than conventional paint. Reduced maintenance cost over life span of road (5 times longer).

Spray materials can be applied fast and efficiently with minimum traffic disruption.

Ready for traffic in under 30 seconds


Two-component material for performance:
  • vibro speed bumps
  • 3D marks for prevention of wrong-way entries on motorways
  • bicycle paths crossings
  • other marking signs

Other services

  • Road marking at the airports according ICAO ANNEX 14
  • Marking of storage spaces with epoxy material
  • Temporary road marking tapes
  • Removal of existing markings

Advantages of thermoplastic

Safety view:
  • increased reflective values of day and night visibility in wet conditions – reduced number of
    traffic accidents
  • vibro sound effect
  • fast performance
  • fast drying of the material – vehicles can drive after few minutes
  • high level of skid resistance (SRT)
  • durability – renewal every 3-5 years
Ecology view:
  • no solvent
  • no evaporation into the atmosphere
  • less frequent maintenance = reduced use of machinery (less exhaust gases into the environment)


Economy view:
  • reduced number of traffic accident – financial savings of all parts of society
  • long term savings to road authorities


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